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What's a Professional Speaker?

-and should I care anyway?

In this guide Roger answers the question on what a professional speaker is and what he or she can do for your event. How they make your life, as an event organizer, easy and help your event give a significant return on the investment.

What are the expert skills that they possess?, What core competences would you expect them to have been trained in? How would you expect them to make your life easy?

Do they just speak or offer other 'befores' and 'afters'?

Audio guide:  What's a Professional Speaker

Online guide below

Here’s What Some People Have Said...

  • Sepehr Tarverdian CEO, Hamayesh Farazan Conferences

  • Roger has demonstrated on numerous occasions his understanding of business success and expresses his views clearly in a way others can easily understand and implement

    Michael Ogilvie Owner, OBC The Accountants Ltd

  • Your speech was outstanding, and the way you interacted with my members was extremely effective. The content was awesome, and your delivery style was excellent.

    Joe D Adams Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Roger is quite simply brilliant. Amusing, professional, personable, but most importantly very knowledgeable about the imperatives of running a business. His 'Staying in the Helicopter' philosophy has received widespread acclaim wherever and whenever I have seen it presented. Highly regarded by all who know him.

    John Bycroft Managing Director, Aorta Sales Limited, UK