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    'WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business'


    These really are the most exciting of times for business! Nothing is a given any more. Technology is moving at an incredible speed and the winners are keeping it simple - because it is!

    Business is simple. Somebody wants to buy. Somebody has something to sell. Maybe somebody has to make something. That’s all business is… simple.

    Without growth a business is dead in the water. Business owners have to get up in the helicopter and spend some time looking at the big picture in order to make growth happen.

    "My business book of the year" - Phil Jesson

    "As the COO of a company with technology, intelligent solutions and global expansionb at the heart of our strategy, this book was written just for us. I will be ordering a copy for all our people as this will be the way to do business...Thank You" - Lizz Munday,

    "Make no mistake Roger's latest book of wisdom is a masterpiece"  - Gordon Bromley

    "Another brilliant book from the master of concise, common sense but invaluable business advice" - Andrew Kluge

    "This is an exceptional book" - Dennis Gillibrand

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    'Staying in the Helicopter - the key to profitable growth'


    "This is the must-have book for anyone running a business, or involved in running a business - from the smallest start-up to the largest Corporate". Roger's twin themes of seeing the big picture by 'Staying in the Helicopter' and keeping it simple - because "Business is simple it's only us that make it complex" - are applied to every aspect of business. He demonstrates his philosophy as he takes us through every aspect of business from Business Purpose, Market Leaders, Profitable Growth - for free!, Finance, People - teams, hiring and Leadership to Change. Throughout we share Rogers real life down to earth experiences and simplified models from relevant international research. After reading this book you and your business will see significant benefit from the secrets and tools Roger has shared. Giving you sustained Profitable Growth - guaranteed!


    "Your book is the best comprehendible book for painting the whole picture of business" 

     Doug Bannister, Chief Executive, The Port of Dover