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WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business

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Available as Keynote Speech, Business Seminar or Masterclass

Recent times have jolted businesses and organisations back to the fundamentals. Every business or other leader – whether they 

These really are the most exciting of times for business!

The world of business has changed: nothing is a given any more and the playing fields are being levelled - not only between small and larger organisations, but also internationally..

Winning businesses are those focussed on the new fundamentals - linked to an innate ability to adapt and be fleet of foot facilitated by the ultilisation of the latest technology which is arriving at eye watering speeds.

Recent times have jolted organisations back to the fundamentals. Every business leader – whether they are running a small or large business, service or manufacturing, the professions, not-for-profit, government or NGO needs to understand and then focus mercilessly on the new basics of business, to ensure sustained success.

The role of the successful Leader today has also been redefined - with an ability to spend time in the helicopter whilst  keeping it simple - at the core.

This program explores those fundamentals of business - any business - and the new role of the business leader whilst keeping it practical and not departing into the realms of complexity and business school speak.
It will, simply, enable you to embark upon a high level of thinking about your business and your pivotal role in it’s new future.

This enlightening and hard hitting programme will take you out of your comfort zone, will make you think and is guaranteed to result in you taking immediate actions for the benefit of your organisation

Who Is It For?

Whole business teams, CEOs, Boards of Directors, Business Leaders, C-Level Execuives, VPs, Directors,Trustees, Senior Managers.


This Programme is complemented by Roger’s highly acclaimed  new book: 

                                   "WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business"   

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More than 20,000 CEOs, Business Leaders and others in 38 countries have attended Roger’s inspirational Keynotes and Masterclasses and achieved transformational change using the secrets and tools learned in Roger's programmes

Here’s What Some People Have Said...

  • Roger is extremely energetic and shares so many modern simple ways to excel in the job that one is doing at ZERO cost!!! I was very much motivated to attend the programme. I read the book which he gifted to all the participants which shows a way how to WIN!!!

    Hemant Jog, Vice President Manufacturing Operations, NRB Bearings Ltd

  • Thanks Roger for your enlightening lecture. (More praise from here on 😉) 

    Mårten Edlund Chef Handlesbanken, Malmo, Sweden

  • I want to sincerely thank you for the very intuitive session you have given us today. It inspired me and I will use it for sure. 

    Georgia Roilou HR Manager Greece & Romania, Sealed Air Corporation

  • After a workshop with Roger, I found myself back in the creative state I was in when I started my business. My eyes were especially opened to see how much I was overlooking effective uses of simple technology. Roger is a brilliant speaker, and he challenges the room to find the best in themselves. If nothing else, working with Roger will elevate your audience to think and perform their best.

    Jeff Wibben Founder & CEO