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"Present and Pitch for Profit"

-the more senior we get in the organisation the more we have to present and pitch and the more important it is to be skilled at doing so.

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Available as a Masterclass

As Business Leaders, whether we are pitching to potential investors or high level customers or presenting to shareholders or employees it needs to be:

Authentic - Compelling - Concise - Effective - Memorable 

 We have all sat through presentations that are none of these things - and often supported by slides that detract rather than enhance. 

We’ve been on the receiving end of pitches that spend more time telling us about them and less about about us and how they might solve our problem or address our needs.

Ineffective pitches and ineffective presentations directly affect your bottom line

Effective pitches will improve sales success by at least 20%

Who Is It For?

CEOs, C-level Executives, Business Audiences, Boards, Trustees, Directors, VPs, Senior Managers.

 Your investment in this day of your time  will change the way you present and the way you pitch - for ever!

 More than 20,000 Business Leaders and others have attended Roger’s inspirational Keynotes and Masterclasses and achieved transformational growth in both revenues and profits using the secrets and tools learned in Roger's programmes


Delegates at a recent Corporate Present & Pitch for Profit Masterclass were unanimous in their view that what they had learnt would add at least £7million ($10m) to the top line!


Here’s What Some People Have Said...

  • It is no coincidence that the Group's dramatic improvement in performance, over the past 18 months, relates directly to Roger's association with us.

    Ian McKernan Chairman & CEO, Molecular Products Group plc

  • I am amazed at the reaction experienced by Roger’s audiences.  They are totally engaged from beginning to the end and all seem to be transformed in one way or the other.  He seems to have no country or cultural barrier. 
    He has laser sharp focus and keeps his audience spellbound

    Rakesh Bhargava Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives, USA and India

  • Roger deserves his accolade as one of the world's most effective business speakers. He applies his expertise and experience to the task of opening minds and inspiring business leaders to raise their game. Roger also has an engaging personality and, whether as a presenter or as a colleague sharing a dinner, he is someone whose company is enlightening and enjoyable.

    Nick Jackson, Chairman, The Cumbrian Chief Executives Forum

  • Roger Harrop is a marvelous speaker , every time he finishes his session the audience is more than satisfied. I doubt there is anyone else who can do better than Roger in his field.

    Roy Selvaraj Marimuthu Owner, Results Asia, Kuala Lumpur