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Creativity, Technology, Speed and Change

- the secrets of tomorrow’s winning companies

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Available as Keynote Speech, Business Seminar or Masterclass

The world of business is like never before. 

The playing field has been levelled - every company, of every size and in every part of the world now has the same amazing opportunities to thrive.

Hear how smaller companies are starting to run rings around large corporations and what large companies need to do now to stay competitive 

Every day of the week today their are new technologies, often free, giving creative opportunities for businesses large and small to win - and win big in today’s exciting new world of business.

- but to win in these times, speed of thought and deed needs to be endemic and your culture needs to be one where change is not just the norm but rather actively sought by all.

 Winners have a finely honed ability to assimilate, adapt and creatively adopt new technologies, new practices and creative ways of achieving business success. 

This programme will be the catalyst for the transformation of your thinking as a Business Leader and for your business moving to a new level of success.

It is important that as a key leader of your organisation that you take time out, step back from the business alongside other business leaders who will help provide the impetus for new ideas and inspiration.

Here is the opportunity for you to take a look at the exciting future of your business from the Helicopter.

Who Is It For?

CEOs, C-level Executives, Business Audiences, Boards, Trustees, Directors, VPs, Senior Managers.

More than 20,000 Business Leaders and others have attended Roger’s inspirational Keynotes and Masterclasses and achieved transformational growth in both revenues and profits using the secrets and tools learned in Roger's programmes

Here’s What Some People Have Said...

  • I had the honour of attending your course on Creativity & Change.
    Please accept my sincerest gratitude for making me aware of the key attributes of running a successful business.

    Jameel Hussain Managing Director, FujiFilm, Karachi

  • I really enjoyed the workshop, it was thought provoking from the outset and I’m sure will be the catalyst for new behaviours.  I’ve currently got the `the change house’ slide pinned where I can see it whilst working…

    Sarah Smalley, MD, GfK Ascent

  • I really enjoyed the two Masterclasses I attended with Roger. Especially the Successful, Creative, and Innovative Change Management. Both case studies done in that session were great.

    I learned how to think out of the box to market my products with zero cost.

    Wisam W. Kabli VP, AL-KABLI Trading Co. Ltd, Jeddah

  • Many thanks indeed for the session yesterday. It was thought provoking with a good level of constructive challenge – a very enjoyable experience! Thank you!

    Laurence Bosshard Group Client Director & International Managing Director, Communisis plc