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The Key to Profitable Growth

Available as Keynote Speech, Business Seminar or Masterclass

It  is  important,  particularly  in these ever changing times,  that  as  a  key  leader  of your organization you take time out, step back from  the business and review your strategy. Here is the opportunity for you to take a look from the Helicopter.

Regain your Focus - Hone your Strategy - Propel your Organisation Forward

Who Is It For?

CEOs, Business Leaders, Business Audiences, Boards, C-Level Executives, Trustees, Directors, Senior Managers.

What Are The Benefits?

This programme, which is centred on two main themes of “Staying in the Helicopter” and “Keeping it Simple” will show you how you can:

  • Explore every aspect of your business and yet maintain a laser beam focus on the ‘big picture’
  • Identify and concentrate on the really important business issues;
  • Improve your own effectiveness and hone your business management skills;
  • Achieve significant growth in sales and profits;
  • Take away practical action learning that will successfully impact your business and your own personal life when implemented;


This programme is complemented by Roger's highly acclaimed book:

                       "Staying in the Helicopter - the key to profitable growth"  

                                                                                                                                   book 2013


More than 20,000 Business Leaders and others in over 45 countries have attended Roger’s inspirational Keynotes and Masterclasses and achieved transformational growth in both revenues and profits using the secrets and tools learned in the programme.

Here’s What Some People Have Said...

  • A really big thank you for sharing your wisdom and the models with us at yesterday. I have thrown myself into the task of purpose and market leadership already and this has straightened out many niggling conflicts that were emerging. Clarity at last!

    Dr Darren Boyd-Annells CEO

  • Many thanks for your excellent session at the Vistage meeting yesterday which went down very well indeed. 

    The evaluation scores were among the highest scores which the group have ever given!

    Ivan J Goldberg Group Chairman, Vistage

  • Roger is quite simply brilliant. Amusing, professional, personable, but most importantly very knowledgeable about the imperatives of running a business. His 'Staying in the Helicopter' philosophy has received widespread acclaim wherever and whenever I have seen it presented. Highly regarded by all who know him.

    John Bycroft Managing Director, Aorta Sales Limited, UK

  • Awesome! 

    Karl Gustafsson Owner, PoG Woody Bygghandel, Malmo