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  • Roger Harrop The CEO Expert is one of the best speakers out there (and I've seen a few). Funny, insightful, honest, and an expert in his field - all the things I enjoy in a speaker.

    Dave Plunkett Partnership Director, Startup2Standup

  • I enjoyed reading this exciting mix of practical theory, simple applicable examples and relevant downloads. The style is simple, informative and relevant.

    Thankyou for reminding me why we should succeed rather than only how.

    The simple truths relayed in this book are something we all need to be reminded of regularly. I see this as one ofd my go to books when sharpening my saw.

    Dr Lester Goldman CEO, The Water Institute of Southern Africa

  • After a workshop with Roger, I found myself back in the creative state I was in when I started my business. My eyes were especially opened to see how much I was overlooking effective uses of simple technology. Roger is a brilliant speaker, and he challenges the room to find the best in themselves. If nothing else, working with Roger will elevate your audience to think and perform their best.

    Jeff Wibben Founder & CEO

  • Roger is a shining example of how to stay at the top of your game, to constantly evolve and meet the market where it’s at. His message is clear. His solutions are concise. Whether you are listening to him as a speaker or reading his books, he demystifies whatever game it is that you are playing, providing actionable steps and relatable examples. Thankyou Roger for your extremely valuable input and for being so down to earth and approachable.

    Nikki Bush Speaker/TV Host

  • I was intrigued by Roger\'s ability to trigger result-driven changewith just a mere keynote. His profile is worth its weight in gold.Great work Roger!

    Zanele Njapha Author

  • Your book is the best comprehendible book for painting the whole picture of business – so providing it to managers helps me to move many of them forward more swiftly.  

    Doug Bannister, Chief Executive, The Port of Dover

  • I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful presentation you shared today. It was very educative and relevant to me.

    Enoch Entsua-Mensah CEO, Eris Properties Ghana Limited

  • What a great speaker and inspirer of clearer business thought!

    Fiona Bevan Fiona Bevan Financial Management

  • It was great to get fresh energy and motivation to take the team to the next level and make both our customers and shareholders even bigger winners. Thank you Roger! 

    Peter Hojerback, CEO Avidicare, Bjarred, Sweden

  • It was our pleasure to host you. You lecture was very inspiring and motivational.

    Saeed S Al Suwaidi Deputy Director General, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, UAE

  • Roger is extremely energetic and shares so many modern simple ways to excel in the job that one is doing at ZERO cost!!! I was very much motivated to attend the programme. I read the book which he gifted to all the participants which shows a way how to WIN!!!

    Hemant Jog, Vice President Manufacturing Operations, NRB Bearings Ltd

  • A really big thank you for sharing your wisdom and the models with us at yesterday. I have thrown myself into the task of purpose and market leadership already and this has straightened out many niggling conflicts that were emerging. Clarity at last!

    Dr Darren Boyd-Annells CEO

  • Awesome! 

    Karl Gustafsson Owner, PoG Woody Bygghandel, Malmo

  • Amazing Experience. Great learning for a lifetime. Thank you very much Roger!


    Sufiyan Qureshi Director, LemonTree Exhibition, Mumbai

  • I have had the good fortune to work with Roger on a number of occasion over the last few years. He is a truly professional communicator with a grasp of current business trends and more importantly how business leaders need to understand the current world of business and how to be real winners in this very competitive environment. Roger brings wisdom and intelligence as well as humour and passion to his key role of facilitating the learning of business leaders.

    Ian Price, CEO, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Thank you for a brilliant performance yesterday, and the vast majority of attendees found your presentation to be excellent and very useful!

    Maria Kastrisiou Manager Training and Events, KPMG Greece

  • I want to sincerely thank you for the very intuitive session you have given us today. It inspired me and I will use it for sure. 

    Georgia Roilou HR Manager Greece & Romania, Sealed Air Corporation

  • Thank you very much for giving such a wonderful presentation on Tuesday evening -  you gave it everything with huge energy and conviction. 

    David Pearson Master, The Worshipful Company of Marketors

  • Thanks Roger for your enlightening lecture. (More praise from here on 😉) 

    MÃ¥rten Edlund Chef Handlesbanken, Malmo, Sweden

  • As the COO of a company with technology, intelligent solutions and global expansionb at the heart of our strategy, this book was written just for us. I will be ordering a copy for all our people as this will be the way to do business...Thank You

    Lizz Munday COO, Iqarus

  • I just wanted to thank you for the talk you did last week. It has inspired me like no other.

    I used elements of it the next day. It stimulated so much conversation.

    It has inspired me. Thank you.

    Chris Jones, IdeaWorks

  • Many many thanks for your enthusiastic, informative and pragmatic contribution to the meeting yesterday. The Group indicated that you were one of the best speakers it had seen!

    Nick Bates Chair

  • I just wanted to thank you again.   When working on one’s own, we all need an adrenaline “shot in the arm” which is exactly what I got from your talk yesterday.

    Vimal Desai CEO Kare Plus Aylesbury

  • I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the Ella event.  It was both entertaining and enlightening

    Karl Heasman Director, Greycott Consultancy Ltd

  • Roger, just wanted to say a huge thank you for your presentation today. So refreshing and informative

    Chris Jones Director, CJ Learning Limited

  • Listening to Roger Harrop, The CEO Expert the highly recommend speaker on business growth.  I think all charities should book to hear him speak.

    Ethan Ohs Ella Forums

  • Thanks for that amazing session. Really appreciated you taking time out for us and sharing all those wonderful ideas and thoughts. It really did start a different thinking pattern / process for me.

    Rashad Usama Brand Manager, Pakistan State Oil Company

  • I must tell you that you really have given me and my partners something that can turn around things. And most importantly you have made us to notice things we overlooked, underestimated and in some cases ignored. We are going to have our annual general meeting next week and we will definitely use your advices and tools.

    Alem Aweke CEO, ZTA Technology Solution PLC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Make no mistake Roger's latest little book of wisdom is a masterpiece - it's brimming with business insight from a man who really understands that the secret to great business is simplicity and focus above all else

    Gordon Bromley Chair, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Make no mistake Roger's latest little book of wisdom is a masterpiece - it's brimming with business insight from a man who really understands that the secret to great business is simplicity and focus above all else

    Gordon Bromley Chair, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Roger Harrop’s work does exactly what it says on the tin. He is, without doubt, the CEO expert. His latest book “WIN – how to succeed in the new game of business” will be of great help to me and thousands of other MDs, Managing Partners and CEOs, I’m sure. One of the things I liked about it was the “past/present/future” feel to the book. It references some proven thinking and models from the past, looks at what CEOs need to be doing today and there is also a very enlightening “crystal ball” chapter towards the end. I also liked the QR codes which opened the door to additional videos, white papers, animations and plenty more. I would say that this book is a must-have for CEOs today – it is excellent!

    Phil Jesson Business Pulse

  •  I feel honored to have read it ahead of the world. The best part is that it's engaging with all the links on the book. I am certain that anyone who starts reading it will find it hard to stop. I'm already reading it for the second time. You did it Mr.Roger. Well done!

    Matias Getachew Think Africa, Addis Ababa

  • After seeing your Masterclasses for Zemen Bank and The National Oil Company no wonder why you are called The CEO Expert! 

    Bereket Aweke Managing Director, Think Africa

  • Your new book video introduction piece-to-camera is superb: carefully calculated and concise content...put across in a calmer, softer style than I have ever seen from you before and wildly effective.

    Graham Davies The Presentation Coach

  • Roger Harrop is a game changer. He has that amazing ability to work on hugh projects yet connect and support individuals as they develop along that process. I can't wait to read this book. If it is anywhere near as good as his keynote speaking I am sure it will be of huge value.

    David Hyner CEO, Stretch Development

  • Thank you for a wonderful day. At all levels of the organisation we had great feedback on your presentation and that is great skill.

    Alison Hunter, Finance Director, Ardent Limited

  • Wow. Just wow. Roger's ability to engage with the audience, communicate important points with utter clarity and then to back them up with appropriate examples and anecdotes is unparalleled. He clearly knows his stuff, and he talks about it with enthusiasm. Totally engaging, I would recommend Roger to anybody who needs a world-class speaker.

    David Abbott CEO, Insight Best Practice Limited

  • Superb Vistage day with The CEO Expert, Roger Harrop teaching us to see our businesses from the helicopter.

    Richard Hyams Founder

  • You presented with real clarity key concepts and tools which are critical to Chief Executives providing the leadership necessary to generate sustainable profits. Your scores were very good and your slides set as high a standard as the Group has seen in it’s 14 years.

    Keith Millard, Vistage Group Chair

  • Just a note to thank you for a fabulous presentation to my group last week. The content was excellent and timely, the supporting material and power point great and your delivery entertaining and professional. Look forward to a repeat in Cape Town later in the year.

    Randal Godden, Owner, Vistage South Africa

  • Excellent, close to brilliant!!

    Truly mind blowing presentation, motivational and inspiring

    Very, very good

    Members Birmingham Business Leaders Group

  • Many thanks indeed for the session yesterday. It was thought provoking with a good level of constructive challenge – a very enjoyable experience! Thank you!

    Laurence Bosshard Group Client Director & International Managing Director, Communisis plc

  • Thank you very much for making the conference so successful.

    The feedback I am getting is very positive.

    I am looking forward to keeping in close-touch.

    Andy Blundell Chief Executive, Communisis plc

  • I really enjoyed the two Masterclasses I attended with Roger. Especially the Successful, Creative, and Innovative Change Management. Both case studies done in that session were great.

    I learned how to think out of the box to market my products with zero cost.

    Wisam W. Kabli VP, AL-KABLI Trading Co. Ltd, Jeddah


    Roger,I was impressed and inspired. Your material is both relevant in today's business world and focused on developing exceptional Leaders and businesses. I found your delivery style captivating and I would highly recommend you as a speaker.

    Juliet Price MD, Park City Consulting

  • What a great morning workshop with Roger. His straight talking and business insights were fantastic and I've already started taking action today! If you want to get your business moving in the right direction then engage someone with the vision and passion who has been there, seen it and done it. You must speak with Roger

    Darren Bartlett MD, Unique Network Solutions Limited

  • Roger, your presentation was inspirational

    Gary White Partner,CBHC Chartered Accountants LLP

  • Your presentation was an inspiration and set us on the road to taking a close look at every aspect of our business …and client base, but from the helicopter perspective.

    I think this year will see us back in the renewal room.

    Thanks again.

    Jim Halstead Managing Director, Pro tax Recruitment Specialists

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your engaging company and thought provoking seminar.  This was a timely reminder of what to focus on and how to keep things simple but highly effective.  You clearly hit a chord that resonated with many of our 290 delegates. We look forward to growing still further with your advice and wisdom fresh in our minds.  

    Philip Trehern Director, Ground Control Group Limited

  • In Jeddah you got 4.54 & in Riyadh 4.62 for your two Masterclasses …well done for such overwhelming success!

    Wasfi Al-Waqfi Manager, Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship

  • Thank you for the great journey in your Helicopter. This journey helped me focus on areas of strengths I were not utilizing before. And thank you very much for the reference book  with your signature. I assure you this book would stay with me for a long time as a reference.
    Kindly, can you send me another copy with your signature to His Excellence the Minister of Labor ?

    Eng. Ahmed Hejazi PM Ministers Office Development Project, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • I attended the Global Elsevier Ops Conference and I really, really enjoyed your talk and workshop.
For me that was high level business education for all of us.

    Nicolas Artelluci, Elsevier, Paris

  • I really enjoyed your talk. Usually I prefer to listen to our own colleagues, but I have to say you really captured my attention straight away and kept it throughout your presentation. Well done!

    Tatjana Fischer-Driessen VP, Online Solutions Customer Service Elsevier, Amsterdam

  • Thank you for your input! People are still talking about the models so you definitely helped us to achieve our goals.

    Nick Pym VP/Director, Global Journals Production, Elsevier

  • Your speech at the conference was a great success. Thank you for your contribution.

    Ian Hawley VP/Director Global Book Production, Elsevier

  • Thank you for your excellent presentation. The afternoon went well and I have had a lot of positive feedback.

    Jarl Severn Managing Director, Owen Mumford Limited

  • I watched Roger create changed behaviour amongst an exclusive group of hardened business owners and CEO's.  His topic mastery and 'outside in' view of shareholder purpose versus business vision created a paradigm shift for the room.  Hire Roger and you will be deeply impressed with his connections - both to topic and to his audience

    David Taylor Chair, Vistage International

  • Roger deserves his accolade as one of the world's most effective business speakers. He applies his expertise and experience to the task of opening minds and inspiring business leaders to raise their game. Roger also has an engaging personality and, whether as a presenter or as a colleague sharing a dinner, he is someone whose company is enlightening and enjoyable.

    Nick Jackson, Chairman, The Cumbrian Chief Executives Forum

  • Rogers superb professional delivery, content and stature are only complimented by his underlying integrity and values. A professional who cares deeply about things being "right". Takes no prisoners, pulls no punches and gets results !

    David Hyner Owner, Stretch Development

  • Fabulous Vistage CEO meeting today - largely due to an outstanding session led by the effervescent Roger Harrop. It gave my CEOs some great tools and concepts. Vistage at its best!

    John Watkinson, Best Practice Chair, Vistage International

  • Roger is a highly polished speaker with fantastic content. He literally had the audience in the palm of his hand and they left inspired with new ideas to move their businesses forwards. Roger talks from experience and shares impact stories which delegates easily relate to. Pound for pound Roger is the best speaker on his subject I have seen.


    Warren Cass Founder, Business Scene

  • I enjoyed Roger's speach because it was delivered in a language that I could understand - simply stuff well delivered !

    Roger Parry Mid & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards

  • I really enjoyed the workshop, it was thought provoking from the outset and I’m sure will be the catalyst for new behaviours.  I’ve currently got the `the change house’ slide pinned where I can see it whilst working…

    Sarah Smalley, MD, GfK Ascent

  • The Masterclass was an eye opener in terms of how we look at the organisation and was extremely engaging

    Damith DeAlwis GM, Lalan Group, Colombo

  • A very sincere thank you for the intensive and informative session for CEO’s at Cinnamon lakeside. I now have some great knowledge and direction on making improvements and being able to share this with my co-workers. 

    Tony Senewiratne National Director, Habitat for Humanity, Sri Lanka

  • Thanks for the great workshop today! I’ve got loads of new [and oh so simple] ideas that I want to start implementing right away thanks to you! It was the best workshop iv been to in a long time [and i'm not just saying that!]

    Gayani Botejue Director, Bernard Botejue Group, Colombo

  • Roger Harrop is a marvelous speaker , every time he finishes his session the audience is more than satisfied. I doubt there is anyone else who can do better than Roger in his field.

    Roy Selvaraj Marimuthu Owner, Results Asia, Kuala Lumpur

  • I had the honour of attending your course on Creativity & Change.
    Please accept my sincerest gratitude for making me aware of the key attributes of running a successful business.

    Jameel Hussain Managing Director, FujiFilm, Karachi

  • I have seen Roger Harrop present his key note speech now on several occasions, not only is he current, motivational and extremely professional, you are guaranteed to take away some real pearls of wisdom that you can implement into your business immediately from his presentation.
    I would thoroughly recommend booking Roger for any corporate event, he has certainly been instrumental in helping me and my senior team grow our business.

    Kevin Kerley Chairman, Solutions 4 Cleaning

  • Many thanks for your excellent session at the Vistage meeting yesterday which went down very well indeed. 

    The evaluation scores were among the highest scores which the group have ever given!

    Ivan J Goldberg Group Chairman, Vistage

  • All my members felt it was the best session they have had since joining Vistage!

    Jeremy Reed Group Chairman, Vistage International

  • Thanks for yesterday, simply brilliant, in all meanings of the word!

    Sean Whitfield Sales Director, Adams Foods

  • I would like to thank you very much for visiting us and giving us some “goodies” that we will definitely use in our march of Excellence.
    We all enjoyed the session. It was powerful and yet full of fun. It is very rare to keep the audience awake after lunch but I am sure yesterday we would have continued for two more hours. Well done!

    Harib Al Kitani President and CEO, Qalhat LNG, Muscat, Sutanate of Oman

  • Would just like to say thank you very much for these excellent few hours you have shared with us in Qalhat LNG. It is the first time I come across a speaker who tells the needed words in front of hosting company management and staff, pure courage. The advice you have left back to us will defiantly, if followed, will ensure that QLNG can move to new highest and achieve the excellence we all here aspire for.

    Saif Al Amri Qalhat LNG, Muscat, Oman

  • Roger is a highly polished speaker with fantastic content. He literally had the audience in the palm of his hand and they left inspired with new ideas to move their businesses forwards. Roger talks from experience and shares impact stories which delegates easily relate to. Pound for pound Roger is the best speaker on his subject I have seen.

    Warren Cass Founder, Business Scene

  • I attended your Masterclass event and what an inspiration it was to! Afterward, I felt like running out of the hotel into the street shouting about my business to everyone. . .

    Elizabeth Harding-Massey Eliza Pepperpot & Co

  •  Brilliant session yesterday - they really loved it.  The material is brilliantly constructed to get them to think about issues that are real for them, and then see that they personally can go back to their businesses and do something effective.
    You have the ability to inspire action. Everyone will take some significant action as a result of your session.

    Tim Anderson Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Very relevant and informative, extremely educational and motivating to assess my own organisation.

    Wayne Johnson, President, Stenden University, Qatar

  • Thanks for a great session. Your insight to the subject of sales and sales management was very welcome and really challenged my sales management thinking!

    Gavin Mitchell Sales & Marketing Director, BCF Technology Ltd

  • Thank you for your excellent and inspiring session, and I really hope to see you here again soon.

    Mark Galea Chief Executive, Quad Consultancy, Malta

  • Roger has changed my whole concept towards leading my team - amazing!

    Tariq Qadri Sales Manager, Engro Foods

  • Thank you once again for your stellar presentation!

    Bernard Kamau The Address Hotels + Resorts, UAE

  • I just wanted to compliment you on the outstanding presentation you gave in Dubai at the Armani Prive Hotel.  I attended that extremely well-attended event and I very much enjoyed your presentation.

    Rashid Al-Banna Head of Business Consulting, Synovate Business Consulting, Dubai

  • Roger’s, wisdom and advice is essential for every business person and entrepreneur. While his program is filled with high content, it is still delivered in a humorous and entertaining way. His programs are a true winner and Roger is a true star. Can't wait to put his sound advice into practice

    Ted Garrison CEO, New Construction Strategies, Florida, USA

  • I wanted to let you know your presentation is by far the best that Octara has ever given to top corporate CEOs - and the applause the loudest and longest!

    Jamil Janjua Chairman, Octara Training, Karachi

  • Great session yesterday, always something new to learn and re-learn, I came away from the session enthused and with renewed vigour. Thank you.

    Kim Rose CEO, Claude Systems Limited

  • Thank you so much for your inspiring and professional presentation at this morning’s breakfast event.
    The quality of your presentation is right up there with the very best I have witnessed in my 10 years at the Chamber  - thank you!

    James Hay Business Manager, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Congratulations on a splendid workshop. The delegates were fulsome in their praise and were all taking back action points into their respective businesses.

    Drew Pryde Group Chairman, The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders

  • Thanks for the wonderful session today .. I'm sure this will really help in the evolution of H R as a true enabler, enabling other functions and Engro Foods to accomplish its purpose .. We look forward to having more sessions with you in future.

    Javed Iqbal General Manager HR, Engro Foods Limited, Karachi

  • I just wanted to say how much I absolutely enjoyed the workshop you delivered yesterday. It was fantastic thankyou.

    Sharon Davies Executive Director, Young Enterprise

  • Thank you very much for your astonishing presentation at Credit Suisse

    Carlos M. Martins Vice President, Credit Suisse, Gibraltar

  • It was a huge pleasure experiencing your master class today. It was so packed with useful insight and information to help plan my business. I think it’s so rare for coaching to force an MD or entrepreneur to reevaluate so many of the foundations of their business purpose and plans after just a single session! It was tremendously valuable, and I go back to work with a sense of excitement about what is now possible!

    Jonathan Fink Managing Director, Momentum Web Solutions

  • I have had the pleasure to work with Roger as part of a senior management team and found him to be professional, insightful and motivating. He enabled the team to focus on the critical issues and recognise how each individual could best contribute.

    Karen Roberts Human Resources Manager at Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Roger is a brilliant speaker, and really knows his topic inside out. I have no hesitation in recommending him

    Alan Stevens President, The Global Speakers Federation

  • Roger Harrop presented the most fascinating business talk I have ever attended - and I have implemented several of the ideas he demonstrated with good effect for my business.

    Jane-Louise Green Owner, Picture Nation Ltd

  • Roger's wisdom and skills are based on many years' experience of senior management at the highest level. His insights into business and personal motivation are invaluable.

    Chris Roycroft-Davis former Executive Editor at The Sun

  • Roger has demonstrated on numerous occasions his understanding of business success and expresses his views clearly in a way others can easily understand and implement

    Michael Ogilvie Owner, OBC The Accountants Ltd

  • Roger is an excellent speaker and his knowledge of making change happen can really help companies plan their journey

    Phil Parry Owner, Jullip International Ltd

  • I have used Roger as a Professional Speaker a number of times. His session was impressive the first time and each successive time has been better still. He provides a fantastic overview of the key issues facing business leaders and provides some useful analyssis and tools to help address them.

    Bob Bradley Portfolio Director at Thames Valley Innovation & Growth Team

  • Roger has a fantastic ability to be dynamic and professional, yet warm and engaging at the same time. Despite his many years 'at the top', he is a down to earth sort of chap and very easy to get along with - and he is also a great platform speaker

    Sue Richardson Independent publisher

  • Roger is like a doctor who prescribes radical medicine, which tastes bitter but sure makes you well after a while. I would not hesitate to recommend him but be sure you can take constructive criticism

    Sunil Ruia MD, Belledorm Limited

  • Quite honestly, I felt that your mentoring was as good as it possibly can be, and I am extremely grateful. Very helpful, very encouraging and always constructive in criticism. I could not ask for more.

    Harry Morgan Managing Director, Rosetta Management Services Limited

  • Superb Masterclass in every aspect

    Ijaz Farooq Group Head, Bank Alfalah, Lahore

  • I came away from listening to Roger on a massive high. He sent me into orbit -  go and listen to him at the next event and I hope you come away feeling as inspired and regenerated as I did

    Chrissie Hawkes Breaking through Barriers

  • Roger has been the catalyst to help us focus on the key issues to grow and develop the business. His motivation has invigorated us all, renewing our enthusiasm and inspiring us to move ahead.

    Susanne Britton Partner, Intertec Displays Limited

  • It is no coincidence that the Group's dramatic improvement in performance, over the past 18 months, relates directly to Roger's association with us.

    Ian McKernan Chairman & CEO, Molecular Products Group plc

  • Thank you, what I learned was invaluable. I'm sure that I will implement a great deal of what I learned today, very soon.

    Leonard Rego, CEO & Creative Director eleven777 Advertising LLC, Dubai, UAE

  • I found Roger’s Helicopter presentation to be the most interesting and entertaining platform for delivering the message of how to sustain business growth and success. His experience in this field shines, and the entertaining approach and delivery has had an excellent impact. I would recommend Roger whole heartedly.

    Hedley Grist Senior Account Manager, Action Impact Events, Dubai

  • Delivered in your dynamic and innovative style the audience was able to relate your ideas to their own businesses and take action!

    Richard Fray Relationship Manager, Barclays Corporate

  • I liked the clarity and simplicity of what Roger said and his practical approach was refreshing

    Francois Enaud, Group CEO, Steria SA, Paris

  • I found your keynote presentation, and I am sure I am speaking for a vast majority of those who attended the conference, one of the best in its genre I have witnessed - it was poignant, precise and engaging.

    Viswa Sadisivan Chairman, The Right Angle Group of Companies, Singapore

  • Roger’s workshop was very refreshing. He’s got a good a combination of easy language, related stories and a matching presentation. Highly recommended.

    Asif Osman Head of Commercial Rewards & Incentives, AirMiles Middle East, UAE

  • The fact that we have just had a record year is substantially down to you, Roger!

    Amit Ruia CEO, Osan Limited

  • Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of the European Meetings and Events Conference. Both your sessions made a great impact on the attendees and have highly contributed to the success of our conference. 

    Miranda van Brück Knowledge Manager, EMEA, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Luxembourg

  • You were right about the attendees leaving yesterday – I was pumped up, drove home in record time, read your book to reinforce what you said and remain ready to tackle the world – so thank you for such an inspirational morning yesterday.

    Jonathan Smith Head of Residential Conveyancing, Tollers Solicitors

  • One word – Magical!

    Mahesh Gera Head of HR, Reliance Communications, New Delhi

  • Roger’s huge experience, combined with a direct, engaging style makes him a great business speaker and coach. He made a huge impact on our management team and helped us address several serious business issues

    Andrew Shaw CEO, Dubai Cable Company

  • You are the one that made this conference a success. We all learnt a lot from your insight.

    Professor Dr Lee Chee Wee National University of Singapore

  • Roger is an accomplished business expert and he understands the importance of  strategy and that it needs to be simple and effective. During his business masterclasses he keeps a wonderful sense of perspective. He is professional, proactive, thoroughly positive and is, not least, thoroughly entertaining.

    Martin Culshaw Partner, Hiller Hopkins LLP, London

  • Excellent your high energy is infectious

    Pankaj Vajpayee President, Value Research India (P) Ltd, New Delhi

  • Roger provided an excellent presentation to a group of Northern Ireland Small medium business owners. He engaged them from the start and carried them on a very informative journey. The feedback from the group was excellent.

    Patricia Colhoun Manager, Made not Born Programme, N. Ireland Government

  • The workshops were really good - Roger is particularly skilled at asking the right questions to make you find the answers to move forward yourselves as opposed to telling you what to do.  He is a perceptive man who is clearly skilled in motivating and getting the best out of people.  It is refreshing to see the train of thought his influence has provoked company wide.

    Caroline Singleton Sales Representative, Thomas Graham & Sons Limited

  • Thank you for the wonderful presentation. You were truly an inspiration to our Members.

    D’Andre Ma Director, Canadian Business Council, Dubai

  • Absolutely enlightening, enriching and useful!

    Stephanie Tay Senior Account Director, Media Corp, Singapore

  • Thank you for the business workshop - from my whole company team. The feedback has been fantastic and very, very positive - they want more!

    Stuart Sawle Group Managing Director, SYSOP Limited

  • Of all the business management seminars I have attended, yours has got to be the most insightful. You’ve put it into a perspective that’s easy to understand and useful for most small business owners seeking growth like us.

    Kirby Poh Director, Agile iSolutions (Singapore) Pte Ltd

  • Roger is full of character, personality and fabulous ideas. His business acumen is impressive and he is able to translate somewhat complicated scenarios into simple solutions!  Awesome talent!

    Bernadette Bentley Business Manager, Tangent Resources Limited

  • Roger was inspiring to work with and played a pivotal role in making our top 400 managers conference a great success

    Sally Robins Director of Communications, Steria SA, Paris

  • The vast experience that you possess was clearly evident from the ease at which you had information and details at your fingertips. The motivational and entertaining elements complimented your presentation!

    Peter.F.Adam Group Marketing Manager, Republic Bank, Trinidad & Tobago

  • You would undoubtedly be our Speaker of the Year

    Brian Chernett Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Congratulations for your brilliant speech!

    Francesco Rosso Meeting Professional, BTC International, Roma, Italy

  • It was a pleasure both meeting and hearing you.  Your conviction of thought and the ability to create a desire for change came through shiningly.

    Sachdev Ramakrishna Director - Marketing (India), Steria SA

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Roger over many years. He has consistently been one of The Academy for Chief Executives top business speakers. His session is always well received and is of importance to all business leaders and owners. Roger engages all and offers true experiential learning.

    Mike Burnage Managing Director, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Roger has understood our business from day one. Through challenging and helping us, Roger has refocused us on our "larger goals", and most importantly helped bring our sales teams along with us.

    Roger Smith Managing Director, Thomas Graham & Sons Limited

  • Engrossing, stimulating and thought provoking. People from all walks of life, not just the corporate sector, should hear you speak.

    Dr Usha Dar Director, World Environmental Foundation, New Delhi

  • Roger went down very well indeed with his helicopter view on Sparkling Sales Success. The members and guests loved it and there were lots of very positive comments  ……………….  first class, great model of leadership.

    Richard Goodier Chairman ACE Group 21

  • Roger Harrop has the very special combination of genuine board room level leadership expertise of major corporates together with an ability to engage, inspire and entertain an audience of any size or culture. He is a must hire either as a speaker for your event or as a business expert for your business.

    Matt Crabtree Managing Partner, Positive Momentum Limited

  • Excellent speaker: enthusiastic, inspirational, great diction and high energy – the opposite of boring!

    Steven Bruck Vice President, Sweet Amanda Inc, New York

  • Thank you so much for 'Staying in the Helicopter ' this afternoon. It was honestly the most thought-provoking two hours I have spent in my 35 years in business

    Stephen Hill Consulting Alternatives

  • It was great to hear your take on things.
    I am always amazed by how simple the message is and yet how little it can sometimes resonate with people.
    It was a very enlightening morning.

    Colette Baini Director, The Conference Room, Australia

  • This masterclass is definitely an eye-opener for all who wish to grow sustainable growth overtime in their business. Truly a wake up call.

    On Han Jit Director, IMEX Trade International Limited, Kuala Lumpur

  • Roger has a vast knowledge base and is an absolutely excellent business presenter and communicator. He has bags of that very uncommon commodity 'common sense' and uses this to develop rational solutions to complex problems.

    David Scales CEO, Glycoform, UK

  • Your keynote address was so inspiring and reinforced my belief in myself and my business, re-ignited my passion for the work that I do, and has given me great courage to continue along my journey as an entrepreneur.

    Sonja Sinaswee Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

  • A huge thank you from me for a great keynote presentation and your contribution to a very successful European Client conference this year.

    Angela Greaves Great American International Insurance

  • Fantastic - I feel like I've done an MBA in half a day!

    Alex Robertson Managing Director, HL Display Limited, UK

  • Great job Roger – excellent ideas to utilize

    Steve Ramerini Group Chairman, Vistage International, New York

  • Your workshop was very inspiring with solid strategies and excellent information and knowledge.

    Sharon Lim Editor in Chief, Elle Magazine, Media Corp, Singapore.

  • Thankyou for sharing your "helicopter" concepts with our Client delegates. We received excellent feedback and they found the session to be extremley useful.

    Patricia Enslow Director, Strategic Marketing, Citigroup Private Bank, Singapore

  • Your speech was outstanding, and the way you interacted with my members was extremely effective. The content was awesome, and your delivery style was excellent.

    Joe D Adams Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

  • Thank you for all your professionalism. You ensured that FWAG achieved the objectives we set and I am now extremely confident of the way forward.

    James Money-Kyrle Chief Executive, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

  • Congratulations! – your workshop scored 8.9 in the survey results which is very good

    Maneesh Garg Education Chair, Young Presidents Organisation, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Having you as keynote speaker made a big difference to the conference. The timing, the contents, the context and your style of business presentation were all outstanding. You were my champion on the day.

    Rajni Hindocha CEO, CAMRx Pharmacy Development

  • Roger was both entertaining and informative. His presentation is an absolute must for anyone running or managing a business. If it doesn't make you think, there is something wrong with you!

    Simon West Director, Venues of Distinction Limited

  • Roger is a gifted business speaker and very stimulating and thought-provoking facilitator with a strong strategic grasp matched with energy, ideas and feet firmly planted on the ground! Recommended for speaking engagements and workshops on leadership, strategic perspective, bringing change to life

    Howell Schroeder Director of the Strategy and Leadership programme, Ashridge Business School

  • Excellent thought provoking material for CEOs. Challenges the business owner to improve their business

    Tony Nuzio President, ICC Logistics Services inc, New York

  • Most speakers rely on performance with content coming a poor second. Not Roger. He starts from the other end, focussing completely on the needs of his audience. The fact that he is also a fabulous motivational speaker who talks with authority, humour, irreverence and total credibility in his field is almost secondary - he is one of the most complete speakers I have ever seen. He gives a fantastic service before, during and after his presentation and when he stands up, he totally connects with his audience. Add to this the power of his material and the incredible value he has given to thousands of organizations all over the world and you have a recipe for success.

    David Thomas Owner, David Thomas International, Halifax, UK

  • Roger is an energetic, witty and perfromance-focussed business speaker and trainer. He is equally adept at engaging with small in-house teams or large public audiences. Whilst able to draw upon the research, tools and techniques surrounding leadership and performance improvement, most importantly Roger can call upon his own extensive experience in restoring company's to good health.

    Michael Walshe Human Resources Director, R K Carvill, City of London

  • Roger is quite simply brilliant. Amusing, professional, personable, but most importantly very knowledgeable about the imperatives of running a business. His 'Staying in the Helicopter' philosophy has received widespread acclaim wherever and whenever I have seen it presented. Highly regarded by all who know him.

    John Bycroft Managing Director, Aorta Sales Limited, UK

  • Roger is a passionate and committed speaker. His core values align perfectly with Footdown. He too is in the business of inspiring leaders to be the best they can be.

    Mike Roe CEO, Footdown, Bath, UK

  • Excellent, Roger opened the door to sustainable growth through the approach of common sense

    Deepak Mishra Vice President, Time Technoplast Limited, Mumbai, India

  • I have worked with Roger on our Sales Excellence Forum in Poland where he was a keynote speaker. Roger delivered an engaging, eye-opening and delightful presentation which was rated one of the best by the summit attendees, I can only recommend him

    Mihaly Nagy CEO, Stamford Global Conferences, Budapest, Hungary

  • Roger Harrop’s Helicopter analogy is a great one.  Roger’s pragmatic approach and outstanding delivery make his message meaningful for all audiences

    Dan Daniel Group Executive Board, Danaher Corporation, USA

  • Stimulating, informative, compelling, practical with nice touches of drama and entertainment

    Shade Efiong-Bassey Leadway Pensure PFA, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Without question Roger's workshops have been the catalyst in enabling our six operating companies to unlock the door to profitable growth

    Trevor Hebdon CEO, H&H Group plc, Carlisle UK

  • Overwhelming!

    Marty Lanz CEO, Marlarm Security Systems, New York

  • I am amazed at the reaction experienced by Roger’s audiences.  They are totally engaged from beginning to the end and all seem to be transformed in one way or the other.  He seems to have no country or cultural barrier. 
    He has laser sharp focus and keeps his audience spellbound

    Rakesh Bhargava Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives, USA and India

  • I am amazed at the reaction experienced by Roger’s audiences.  They are totally engaged from beginning to the end and all seem to be transformed in one way or the other.  He seems to have no country or cultural barrier. 
    He has laser sharp focus and keeps his audience spellbound

    Rakesh Bhargava Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives, USA and India

  • We could not have selected a more suitable keynote speaker for this year’s Excellence in Business Forum. Your energetic presentation both enlightened and educated our audience.

    Albert Chow President, Business Development Company, Trinidad & Tobago

  • Roger, we have seen a sustained increase in revenues and profits as a direct result of me hearing you speak. Thankyou!

    Martin Mulligan CEO, Martin Mulligan Group Limited, St Helens, UK

  • You are a natural and highly accomplished business presenter, and the quality of your material for CEOs is unmatched. What makes you  exceptional is that the content of your material provides substantial learning for even the most experienced and accomplished CEO.

    Tim Anderson Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives